Art pirates strike in Seattle!

whitz painting

purloined painting #1

My old pal, Boy Scout troop-mate, fellow Garfield Bulldog and Ted Nugent tribute bandmate Whiting Tennis grew up to become so accomplished an artist piratical dudes in Seattle are willing to steal a huge truck in order to get their mitts on it. The Stranger reports it like this:

HOTEL 2011

purloined painting #2

The truck was parked at the Holiday Inn Express parking lot. It was a Ford 350 model with the Oklahoma license plate 2TM878. All of the paintings, on canvas and wood, were wrapped in cardboard and plastic.

If you have any information, call SPD Detective Sargent Backstrom at 206-684-8948, or Auto Theft Detective Tracy Puffner at 206-684-4762. Or call Kucera at 206-235-0525.

The latest breaking news, less than an hour old, is that the truck has been found….but the art is still missing. So c’mon artsy people…keep an eye out for ill-gotten Tennis work.

Lou Reed: Valuable participant on the track team (and other high school secrets)

With a nod to his recent (and final) graduation, here’s our man stepping through the door beyond high school.

Kendrick Lamar on cereal, the 60/40 sogginess-to-crispiness rule and why he wants to be Bugs Bunny


Because Bugs Bunny can bust up through the earth on you, anywhere, anytime. And he’s witty. And he can outwit anyone. Obviously.

And if you were born in the ’80s and say you didn’t love the Power Rangers, you’re a liar.

Springsteen cover of the day: STRFKR’s “Hungry Heart”


Ooh, and here’s one that comes from the Teddy Carlin file: Portland band STRFKR, who in our house is known ala “Goats Head Soup” as Star Star, but is actually called Starfucker, and their entirely unique and fun to listen-to cover of “Hungry Heart.”

Check it out!