HOMEWARD BOUND one of Harper’s Bazaar’s Top Books To Read in October

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Harper’s Bazaar has included HOMEWARD BOUND in its list of the Top 13 books to read in October. I’m going to start posting takes and outtakes — along with chapter-by-chapter playlists, videos and more shiny playthings — from the book in the next few days. But first, HB: “You can almost hear the melodic anthems Simon created through Carlin’s exhaustively researched, deeply-felt prose.”


BRUCE coming to a venue near you! Maybe.


We’ve got some new BRUCE-ish appearances coming up in the not-distant future — how exciting for us. And possibly for you too, if you’re around and not too busy and ready for some down n dirty talk about BRUCE, Bruce, writing, reporting and sheep-shearing. Only without the sheep-shearing.

The fun begins this week in just a couple days.


3 pm: University of Nevada/RenoJoe Crowley Student Union building — a 1-hour talk called Writing about Music and Musicians, focusing on BRUCE and previous works on Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson.

6:30 pm: Sundance Books, 121 California Ave.: BRUCE reading, discussion and signing.


6 pm: The Town Club, 2115 SW Salmon: I’m almost entirely sure this is a members-only kind of thing, but maybe that’s you, or maybe you know someone, or I don’t know what). Point is I’ll be talking BRUCE with Oregon Historical Society boss and all around good guy Kerry Tymchuk.


1 pm: Terroir Creative Festival: 1 pm presentation, ‘Getting to the Source – The Biographer’s Pursuit. I’ll sign books in the bookstore tent starting at 2-ish, then lead a class for high school students (though I think that’s a small thing and may already be full, I don’t know) at 3 pm.

That’s it for now, but more is on the way, so stay tuned.


Good things: A.M. Homes’ “May We Be Forgiven” and the Replacements’ “Hootenanny” “…for the fuckin’ last time”


I’ve gotten to the point where my copy of “May We Be Forgiven” sort of glows at me from the bedside table. No matter how screwy my day gets, for whatever set of external or (more likely) internal static, that book is still there waiting to liven things up. It’s my caustic, smart pal whose simple presence makes me feel smarter and happier. You have got to check it out. And so say all of us.

Also here to electrify the molecules: this recording of the Replacements, at their last concert, performing the title track to “Hootenanny,” the title track of their 1983 (or was it ’82?) album. We’ll be reading more about that record, and a bunch of other ‘Mats records, in the next few days. (see also: return of the Retrofit Digest). But for now, marvel at how deliriously bad a band can be, and how perversely magnificent it can sound. Is that paradoxical? Damn right it is. Stay tuned.