BRUCE World Tour: Readin’ All Over the World

spanish bruceLook, the Spanish edition of Bruce, which I’m guessing you already know is a biography of Bruce Springsteen, published in the USA last fall by Simon & Schuster, has an entirely different cover! I love the American original, but after a year-plus of pondering that one it’s sort of cool to see something that’s cool in its own way. And now it’s available in Spain! In the unoriginal Spanish! I wonder what it says? Given that my own attempts to master that language ended in 1984 (with a brief reprise during a long Mexican trip in ’94) I’ll never know.


BRUCEAnd besides, check out the cover of the Netherlands edition!

It’s a bestseller there, even as we speak! They love them some Springsteen over there, and no wonder: Joosten, Caspar and all the other early Springsteens came up with the tulips and windmills right there in the Nether regions.


French Bruce IIIn France they made it look like this, and boosted the internal wattage by adding a preface by French journalist/commentator Antoine de Cuarnes, who I’m told is just remarkably cool and smart and quite a good guy to be associated with, when you’re associating with journalist/commentators in France.

Bruce likes him a lot, is what I hear.

I wonder what he wrote here? I may never know. And you don’t even want to know about my flailing attempt to learn French during my freshman year at Garfield High School in Seattle. Mon dieu.




German Bruce


In Germany you can get the old-fashioned tree-made edition AND the ebook in one package! For one price! Operators standing by! Order now!







Brazilian GreekYou can also buy translations in the appropriate languages for Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, the Czech Republic and a bunch of other countries whose names I’m forgetting now. But as of this moment I’m most excited about the about-to-be-or-perhaps-just-published edition in Brazil, because I will actually spend a week in Brazil doing signings, publicity appearances and more. The Brazilian tour begins on September 16 and continues through September 24th. More details on all that to come when I know what they are. And if you didn’t notice that those dates coincide with the real Bruce’s big Brazilian debut at the Rock in Rio festival on September 21, that detail certainly did NOT escape my attention. Look for me there.






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