BRUCE news! – Sept 16 NJ pre-read at Springsteen Symposium! Jon Stewart blurbs! Tom Perrotta too! And more!

Just to refresh: My new book, BRUCE, a biography of B Springsteen packed with all new facts, assertions and quite a bit of input from the guitar-playing subject himself, will be published by Simon & Schuster on October 30.

You can pre-order it — and in fact I strongly encourage you to do that, because, after all, why wait? — at a variety of fine on-line retailers, a compelling number of which can be found on this page at….which is also selling BRUCE online.

Are you eager to learn what might be beyond the much-posted (by me) cover shot? Well, if you live in West Long Branch, NJ, or somewhere in driving range (which, let’s face it, includes the rest of NJ, New York City and what the hell, Philadelphia), you can get a preview this coming Sunday, September 16, at the Springsteen Symposium being held at Monmouth University. A whole academic symposium about Bruce Springsteen? Damn straight. Why, just look at this:

The three-day event is full of presentations, lectures, panel discussions and more, and I’m deilghted to be included. I’ll be presenting a reading-slash-q-and-a about the production of Bruce’s latest album Wrecking Ball. So if you’re nearby, or even if you’re not, please do. I’ll be thrilled to see you in particular, I’m sure. Though if you miss this one, I’ll be doing readings, media appearances and more starting in early November. More on that later.

New, cool blurbs, advance reviews and such:

Jon Stewart: “There are many things I could and should be doing right now, but I am not… I am reading and rereading this book. Why did you do this to me?”

Tom Perrotta (author of ‘Election,’ ‘Little Children,’ and ‘The Wishbones’): “Bruce Springsteen has been a muscular American icon for so long it’s hard to remember that he was once a scrawny kid from Nowhere, New Jersey, struggling to find his way. Peter Ames Carlin not only brings that kid into sharp focus, he connects the dots between the small-town boy and the superstar he became, in all his memorable incarnations–boardwalk poet, working-class hero, middle-aged philosopher, rock and roll evangelist, political activist. This is the big, expansive biography Bruce’s fans have been waiting for.”

James Parker (The Atlantic): “Springsteen is biographical big game: majestic, fugitive, offering the unwary chronicler the possibility that he might get trampled. But Carlin has brought him down, with empathy and shrewdness. Here is Bruce, stylishly captured in all his Brucedom; the everyman, the unknowable; the anointed one, the loner; stadium swagger and dull, private pain. Are these contradictions, or just the span of a man’s soul? Read BRUCE and find out.”

Eric Alterman (author of “It Ain’t No Sin to Be Glad You’re Alive: The Promise of Bruce Springsteen”) “This is a Bruce bio like no other. Carlin’s dogged research, tough-minded prose, and above all, ability to draw out the previously private thoughts of almost everyone involved in this remarkable story combine to transform much of what we thought we knew about Bruce. Carlin’s recounting of Springsteen’s personal and professional struggles, and those of the members of the mighty E Street Band, make this a quintessential American story and one that will resonate, and inspire, as long as the music itself does.”

Kirkus Reviews: “An epic look at the man and his music.”

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