BRUCE coming to a venue near you! Maybe.


We’ve got some new BRUCE-ish appearances coming up in the not-distant future — how exciting for us. And possibly for you too, if you’re around and not too busy and ready for some down n dirty talk about BRUCE, Bruce, writing, reporting and sheep-shearing. Only without the sheep-shearing.

The fun begins this week in just a couple days.


3 pm: University of Nevada/RenoJoe Crowley Student Union building — a 1-hour talk called Writing about Music and Musicians, focusing on BRUCE and previous works on Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson.

6:30 pm: Sundance Books, 121 California Ave.: BRUCE reading, discussion and signing.


6 pm: The Town Club, 2115 SW Salmon: I’m almost entirely sure this is a members-only kind of thing, but maybe that’s you, or maybe you know someone, or I don’t know what). Point is I’ll be talking BRUCE with Oregon Historical Society boss and all around good guy Kerry Tymchuk.


1 pm: Terroir Creative Festival: 1 pm presentation, ‘Getting to the Source – The Biographer’s Pursuit. I’ll sign books in the bookstore tent starting at 2-ish, then lead a class for high school students (though I think that’s a small thing and may already be full, I don’t know) at 3 pm.

That’s it for now, but more is on the way, so stay tuned.


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