Barefoot Bandit, Beastie Boy Bandit and Buskers – New Journalism

I got to thinking about that Barefoot Bandit fellow, and the up-and-coming Beastie Boy kid, and the good ol’ DB Cooper bandit, who may be alive and well and reading this right now. Or possibly not. Either way, I’ve got fresh new journalistic endeavors about all of the above and so, check it out. It’s just like beer at the Delta house rush parties: Don’t cost nothin’.

And when that was over I went downtown on Saturday to check out the 2nd annual Big Busk festival of movable performance artists. You can find that one, and along with references to pork pie hats and wicked cool Depression-era guitars, in this here story about the Big Busk.

Credit Ross W Hamilton for this cool shot of the Gone Fishin’ group. Credit Mr. Randall for that awesome porkpie hat.

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