Balloon Boy Pukes For the World! Plus more news and comments.

Doesn’t leave the ground, yet suffers from airsickness?

BALLOON BOY: I’m so glad it wasn’t a tragedy. The whole media was obviously gearing up for some serious, ass-kicking tragedy coverage (bleachers for the press outside the grieving family’s house; live, mult-network coverage of the lad’s funeral; celebrity drop-ins, etc. etc.) But if you’re not sensing another shoe in mid-air, and heading south, then you’re either not as cynical as me or else you’re not paying attention. Or something. Now here’s why I think this might be true:

1. That family sure likes being on TV; 2. For instance, the part where they’ve already been on “Wife Swap.” 3. Dad’s hair seems a trifle too floppy for my eyes. 4. I mean, c’mon.

Final word goes to B. Boy himself, dragged onto this morning’s “Today” show. Where he looks distinctly unwell and then, as if on cue from the Gods, vomits. Could any of us said it better?

Actual Paul McCartney news, after the jump…

From “The Queen” to Sir Paul? UK actor Michael Sheen says he’s a John guy, but the world wants him to play the other guy:

“I’d want to play Lennon, but I probably would be cast as McCartney. I met Paul McCartney on a flight not long ago. I was sitting there going, ‘I can’t go over there.’ And then he came over to me. He said, ‘You’re famous, aren’t you? I’ve seen you on the TV.’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, I’ve seen you on the TV a few times as well.'”

First of all, he shold have said that last part, not just thought it. Or better yet, should have looked up sweetly and said, “And what do YOU do?” What would be interesting would be to see if that you-must-be-a-normal-guy response would tickle Paul (what I hope) or if he’d get all pissy and upset about it. Like, who in the world could be more famous than me? And he’d be right, b/c no one is, really. But it sure is pretty to think there’s a part of him that really and truly digs being Nigel Sixpack, or whatever they call abstracted normal people in the UK.

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