A Springsteen Plea, Oregon's Live Wire, and More

First things: I’m appearing on OPB’s “Live Wire” show, taping at the Aladdin Theater this Saturday (the 7th), at 8 pm. Other guests include: “Daily Show” writer turned bestselling author David Javerbaum (who is also freakishly ubiquitous, a random friend of mine from NYC said, pursuant of something else altogether, “oh hey, I’m appearing on a panel with David Javerbaum,” and I said, “oh, me too!” and we live 3,000 miles apart!!!!) , the Helio Sequence, and more. I’m reading a new, original essay about the Beatles Rock Band video game, and why the Beatles have a lot in common with my bratty little kids and their screwball father. Whee! Tix are at Ticketmaster.

Speaking of tickets: Does anyone out there either live in Cleveland, or else know someone who does, and if so do either of you have an extra (good) ticket to the Springsteen show on November 10, and if so, would you sell it to me for some reasonable sum of money? That’d be so cool, if you (or you) did. Really

If you’re in Seattle I’ll be at Barnes & Noble in the U-Village on Saturday, the 14th, at 2 pm.

Also look for me on “KCTS Connects on Friday afternoon, and the local Fox morning show (I don’t have the digits in front of me right now) on Friday morning.

More radio tk, here and nationwide: CNN; and on and on.

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