A Review Of PMAL Reviews

Hey – the reviews are coming in…. here’s a sampling!

THE ONION-AV CLUB: (12/2/09) “A fleet, engrossing read.”

SONIC BOOMERS (11/30/09) “Strikingly good writing…Carlin doesn’t just get the facts and arrange them into a compelling narrative; he’s a good rock critic.”

BOSTON GLOBE: (11/27/09): “Cast(s) the ‘cute one’ in a more complete light from Beatles to legend.”

BOOKPAGE: (Nov 2009): “A page-turner….be prepared to be convinced.”

THE SUN (UK): 11/20/09: “This well-researched biography offers additional insights…definitely worth a read.”

PROVIDENCE JOURNAL-BULLETIN: (11/15/09): “A treasure trove of new reporting.”

PEOPLE (11/9/09): “Illuminates the complex man behind the myth.”

NY POST (11/08/09): “A must for Beatles completists.”

THE OREGONIAN (11/7/09): “A fitting complement to the current resurgence of Beatlemania — a literary remastering of a familiar tale, one that grants its subject a new dynamic range, long muddled and long deserved.”

KIRKUS REVIEWS: (8/09) “Carlin’s balanced portrayal of all the Beatles’ strengths and flaws is commendable. . . an excellent pop culture biography.”

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