A Beautiful Night

So what was the best moment during Wednesday night’s Paul McCartney: A Life in Music and Words  tribute show at Mississippi Studios? Teisha Helgerson’s hypnotic “Let ’em In?” Sneakin’ Out’s all-instrumental, percussion-bass-and-mandolin take on “Penny Lane’ and (especially) “Silly Love Songs”? Or was it Nick Jaina’s surreal “Ebony and Ivory,” in which the part of Stevie Wonder was performed by a computer voice from his Macbook? Possibly, possibly. But that gives short shrift to Dirty Mittens, Buoy Larue, Jim Brunberg (I’d never heard “Single Pigeon” with quite so much passion and depth before), and on and on, right up to Corin Tucker’s “I’m Looking Through You,” and then the show-ending “Hey Jude,” during which the former lead singer of Sleater-Kinney nearly shattered windows with her awesome improvs during the “Na-na-na-na” chorus. The place was rocking, truly rocking, and as I kept saying, it made all those 4 am gotta-write-now wake-up calls worthwhile. Every one of them.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s Corin Tucker.

More to come.

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