2013: Good Thing #1 — Bob Dylan’s New Year’s Resolutions


Gloom is easy. Guns melt butter; swords disembowel plough shares, the memory of a 7th grade humiliation will forever burn brighter than yesterday’s triumph.

But not here. Not this year, anyway. And so starting today, January 1, 2013, Carlindustries.com will present the daily Good Thing. 

Three hundred and sixty-five of them. Songs, photographs, videos, memories, dreams and more. Some will be short. Some might be very long. Size and shape matter far less than the idea: A little ray of light passing across the sky. Grab it if you can. It might take you somewhere.

Today we begin with this shard of the thin, wild mercury: Bob Dylan, in his role as host of the Theme Time Radio Hour (currently out of production but still running on Sirius/XM) reciting the ten most popular New Year’s resolutions, with commentary.

See? It’s easy. Not even 12 hours into 2013 and we already have 52 seconds of fun.

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