Tom Cruise characters or gay porn actors?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

But still.

Cole Trickle (“Days of Thunder”)

Lestat de Lioncourt (“Interview w/ Vampire”)

Jack Reacher (“Jack Reacher”)

Stacee Jaxx (“Rock of Ages”) (I mean, c’mon!)

Woody (“Losin’ It”) (!!!)

Jack O’ the Green (“Legend”)

Himself (“Goldmember”)

BRUCE tapped for People’s 10 Best Books of 2012 list!

cvr2Here’s news that has all of Carlindustries ho-ho-ho-ing today: People magazine announced today that BRUCE, a biography of Bruce Springsteen by Carlindustries founder, CEO, chairman and data entry assistant Peter Ames Carlin, has been tapped for the magazine’s Ten Best Books of 2012 list! 

“No comment! No comment!” cried Carlin, who was being wrestled into the back of an unmarked police vehicle when the news arrived to the Carlindustries, Inc. headquarters. A company spokesman, speaking anonymously because he has no official role at the company, particularly when it comes to speaking about the company, its products or its employees, said People magazine’s assertions were almost certainly inaccurate: “That’s all been denied!”


When I was not cruel – blog of the moment

applauding man

The blog that affects me the most these days comes from a well-known friend who maintains this Tumblr blog — When I Was Not Cruel — minus byline or direct reference to persons, situations and etc. He’s got a thing for design, cool music and the occasional frank confessionals that can be as sad as they are beautiful. This one, “The Examined Life,” knocks me out.

Added attractions: design, divorce, single-fathering, hip rock ‘n’ roll music, judgmental to a fault.

Storm Large, Corin Tucker and friends rock the BRUCE tribute at Mississippi Studios

It’s been two weeks already, but I can’t stop thinking of how much fun we had playing Springsteen songs at Mississippi Studios on November 27. Only a few of the performances have made it onto the internet — so far — but here are our two closing acts ripping the daylights out of “Because the Night” (one time for Corin Tucker!), “Fire” and “Born to Run” (the always breathtaking Storm Large. And yes, that IS her real name. How do these things happen?)

Just below those two you’ll find a pair of lovely performances captured at the KINK-FM Bing Lounge earlier that same day. Casey Neill pulls off a beautiful cover of “Frankie,” while Jim Brunberg, playing with Tufan, turns “Wreck on the Highway” into a small epic. Wow.

Jagger moves me

With thanks to my pal David Leaf, here’s David Letterman’s top ten list from last night, featuring Mick Jagger. Who is neither singing nor dancing nor making any sort of music at all. And yet, that gleam in his eye, the smooth funk to his walk, the Mephistophelean smile/leer. He’ll be 70 next July. Unbelievable. Especially when you watch him here:


Oh, and what the hell, here’s Mick at the 2011 Grammys paying tribute to Solomon Burke with “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.” Oh, man.